Gregory Benford

Gregory Benford Gregory Benford is a professor of physics at the University of California, Irvine. He is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and was visiting fellow at Cambridge University. In 1995, he received the Lord Prize for contributions to sciences. His research encompasses both theory and experiments in the fields of astrophysics and plasma physics. Formerly a co-editor of the fanzine, Void, and an SF writer since 1965, he is the author of the Nebula Award-winning Timescape and the Galactic Center novels. He has worked as an adviser to the Department of Energy, NASA, and the White House Council on Space Policy. Gregory Benford's fiction explores the human side of hard science, and extrapolates humanity moving into a realistic far future. He has won the Nebula award twice, the John W. Campbell Award and the Australian Ditmar Award for best international novel. In 1989 he won the United Nations Medal in Literature. He is a frequent and eloquent attendee at many conventions. Dr Benford makes his home in Laguna Beach, California. For more information on Gregory Benford, see his listing on the SF site or his page at the University of California.

Ross Temple

Ross Temple is the FanGOH for ConTour. His services to New Zealand fandom include support for the concoms of several previous national conventions, and service to the Phoenix Science Fiction society, including a stint as Phoenix's President. He also provides a voice for local fandom in cyberspace with his 'Three Monkeys, Ten Minutes' webapges.

Special Appearances by Sean McMullen and Bob Eggleton:

ConTour is delighted to announce that two well-known figures in the sf and fantasy world have confirmed their plans to register at the convention:

Sean McMullen is well-known to New Zealand fandom from his appearances at several previous New Zealand conventions. He is the author of several critically-acclaimed novels, and his short fiction has been published in many international markets. He is also a qualified karate instructor, holds post-graduate qualifications in computer science, information science, and management, and has considerable experience in music, having been lead singer in three bands and spent two years with the Victorian State Opera. For further information, please visit www.bdsonline/seanmcmullen

Bob Eggleton is a leading sf and fantasy artist. His work has appeared on the covers of innumerable sf, fantasy and horror books all over the world. The winner of seven Hugo Awards and eleven Chesley awards, he is also a Fellow of The International Association of Astronomical Artists, and a Fellow of the New England Science Fiction Association. For examples of his artwork, and other information about Bob, please visit his website: