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ConTour, the 25th National Science Fiction Convention of New Zealand, took place in Rotorua, New Zealand, over Easter Weekend, Friday 9th April to Monday 12th April, 2004. Attendance was slightly lower than average for recent New Zealand natcons, but, despite the usual last-minute hitches that happen to any con, a good time was had by all!

Thanks to our Guest of Honour, multi-award winning SF author and physics professor Gregory Benford, for his contributions to the convention. Further information about Gregory Benford can be found on the SF Site, or his page at the University of Califonia.

Ross Temple was the FanGOH for ConTour; his contribution to the con was also greatly appreciated. Ross’s contributions to New Zealand fandom can be explored further at his ‘Three Monkeys, Ten Minutes’ website. He is also a founder and current board member of the New Zealand National SF body.

Thanks also to our special attendees, well-known Australian author Sean McMullen (see www.bdsonline.net/seanmcmullen) and multi-award winning SF and fantasy artist Bob Eggleton (see www.bobeggleton.com) for coming to ConTour and bringing their unique talents and contributions to the convention.SFFANZ.

Thanks to all the friends and supporters of ConTour:

Gama Print Ltd for printing the convention book (e-mail contact: )

ConFlux, the Australian National SF convention for 2004, which took place in Canberra over Anzac weekend (April 24th to April 26th), and provided close cooperation with ConTour (see www.conflux.com.au)

Covell Estate Wineries, for contributing their fine products as prizes for ConTour competitions (e-mail contact: )

Greenpeace New Zealand, dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations, and the chosen charity for ConTour (see www.greenpeace.org.nz).

And, of course, the convention committee, volunteers, and all attending and supporting members of ConTour, without whom the convention simply couldn’t have happened!

For your entertainment and edification, we also include a filk performed at the ConTour masquerade by Horatio the Puppeteer Drop Bear and Lady Niniane della Nueva Avalona, the Merry Anachronists (aka Michael Woodhams and Catherine Pegg): ‘The Vampire Clambered O’er the Wall